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10 Days Post Op…

Mom wants me to sit and walk more…when I want to or need to, I walk and sit, but my preference is lying in the sun. Dad reminded Mom that I have always enjoyed lying around the most. Mom knows my dream is to get back to working with her at the Melican Middle School and she says until I start walking more, I will not be able to go to work. Come on, Mom! I am only 10 days out. And I am 10 years-old! I will get there:)



4 Responses to “10 Days Post Op…”

  1.   dlund1 Says:

    Baby steps, Coco, baby steps.
    I find, from experience, that there are a lot worse things to do than lie in the sun.

  2.   cpessoni Says:

    Aw, Coco is looking pretty relaxed in the grass! My 12 year old pup is 3 1/2 weeks post surgery and lays around a lot too. Sometimes she’ll lay in the back yard for 2 hours. I have to tell myself that she used to lay around a lot BEFORE the amputation, too. I’ll get worried sometimes that she looks “too tired” but then again she just had major surgery and is building new muscles to get around. I’ve taken her to the park twice now and she was hopping/running all over the place and really getting her spring back in her step. Even a few minutes of watching that relieved my worries right away.

    Hang in there, Coco!! You be as lazy as you want! 🙂

    Cindy and Maggie in Missouri

  3.   benny55 Says:

    We’re with you Coco!!! You’re a “seasoned” woman of ten yrs.old, AND, you are just ten days out of MAJOR surgery!! Heck, humans would probably still be in the hospital and on a morphine drip!

    Your photos are gorgeous! Green is definitely your color! I jad to laugh though. Your expression in the first picture of you sitting has a pretty perturbed looking face. The expression on your face while lying down in the sun is much more content!

    According to many vets, it takes a good two weeks to recover from the surgery itself. It takes a good thirty days for dogs to get all their mobility issues worked out.

    As dlundt said…”baby steps”. Front leggers usually need a little more time to adjust. It takes a lot of energy to walk on three legs! Coco is doing a great job of conserving all of her energy for healing.

    Looking forward to more great pictures. Guess stitches will be out soon. Extra treats and a scoop of ice cream on removal day!!

    Hugs to all!

    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle too!

  4.   jerry Says:

    Looks like you’re doing pretty good for 10 days out. Tell your momma to remember that the sun and those naps are medicinal, it’s all helping you to heal and get back to school.

    The t-shirt is adorable on you!

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