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Another ride…

October 18, 2015

Mom took me for another ride. We went to the lake again, which was great. I have been relaxing for the rest of the day.



A Nice Ride and the Lake…

October 17, 2015

Mom took me for a nice ride today – I LOVE riding in the car:) We went to the lake, where I “walked” around and sniffed a lot of nice things. I was so happy! I could also tell how happy it made Mom that I hopped around more than I have been at home…


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10 Days Post Op…

October 15, 2015

Mom wants me to sit and walk more…when I want to or need to, I walk and sit, but my preference is lying in the sun. Dad reminded Mom that I have always enjoyed lying around the most. Mom knows my dream is to get back to working with her at the Melican Middle School and she says until I start walking more, I will not be able to go to work. Come on, Mom! I am only 10 days out. And I am 10 years-old! I will get there:)



Enjoying the Day…

October 11, 2015

I’m feeling pretty good. Mom and Dad took me for a ride today, which I enjoyed. I have been spending a lot of time napping in the sun. I am able to get up and “walk” a little if I have to, but I prefer resting. Mom says ┬áhad my last dose of one of my medications, and the other will continue through Tuesday or Wednesday. Both of the medications have a sedative effect, so I hope I have a little more energy after. Mom says the best thing for me is to rest, but I am looking forward to being more mobile.


Three Days Post-Op…

October 9, 2015


I am 72 hours post-op. Mom took the fentanyl patch off tonight so I am starting to feel more like myself. I am on two medications to help with the pain. Now that I am a little less out-of-it, Mom hopes I will start to hop a little more. Currently, she and/or Dad need to use towels for slings to get me up and walk me along. Hey, I am an old lady and I’m only three days out…I will get there! It helps me to have my brother and my little sister (pictured here) for company and encouragement – they are both very gentle with me and respectful (for the most part) of all the attention that I am getting from Mom and Dad.