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Enjoying the Day…

I’m feeling pretty good. Mom and Dad took me for a ride today, which I enjoyed. I have been spending a lot of time napping in the sun. I am able to get up and “walk” a little if I have to, but I prefer resting. Mom says ┬áhad my last dose of one of my medications, and the other will continue through Tuesday or Wednesday. Both of the medications have a sedative effect, so I hope I have a little more energy after. Mom says the best thing for me is to rest, but I am looking forward to being more mobile.


3 Responses to “Enjoying the Day…”

  1.   linda8115 Says:

    Looks like Coco sure is enjoying her time in the sun with her pal next to her! I’m sure once she’s off her “sedative” drugs she’ll want to be more active. It takes a while for those muscles to get in tune with her new gait. Each day will get better!

  2.   jerry Says:

    Sunshine is the best medicine ever Coco, you’re on your way sweetie.

  3.   tinkbubble66 Says:

    Looking good Coco!! We are all cheering you on for rest and mobility when you are ready! Hang in there beautiful girl!

    Buddy, Tracie and Steve

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